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The TEAMS building construction update

7 April 2017

New TEAMS Building 

  Al Siraat College is nearing the end of the ‘TEAMS’ building construction, Alhamdulillah.  The ‘TEAMS’ building derived it’s name from an acronym of the departments it will provide for. Insha Allah upon completion, it will offer facilities in the Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math and Science departments.   

This is a substantial project, costing over $4.5 million overall with a generous contribution of $1.725 from the Block Grant Authority (Commonwealth Government). As always, we are highly appreciative of their assistance in this project. The remaining amount was invested through investors and supporters of Barakah Properties.  We are equally grateful for Barakah investors' decision to support infrastructure that serves the community.   May Allah SWT reward you all generously and hastily.  

  Many of you all have probably already come across this major construction at the front of Al Siraat College. The windows and glass have now been fitted in and other final works are being done. Due to be completed by the end of May, this building will Insha Allah become a huge asset for the learning and academic endeavours of our students.   It will enable the College to offer a practical curriculum including: Science Labs, Textile, Ceramics, Robotics, Plastics and Composite Materials manufacture, Food Technology, Laser Cutting and 3D Printing capabilities, Visual Design and Communications.   It will also feature study areas for our VCE classes ensuring they have the best environment to benefit from.  

The new canteen in this building is also another highly anticipated addition to the school. This addition will allow the school to finally be able to sell meals to students for all five days of the school week. Many students are patiently waiting for the chance to run to the canteen as soon as recess and lunch starts, to aromatic wafts of healthy and delicious foods being sold insha Allah.

  Each of the rooms are to be furnished with the relevant tools and machinery needed for that specialisation. Pedestal drills, Sanders, kitchen sets, pottery kilns and 3D printers are but a few of the equipments available for student learning. The addition of this new building with all its facilities and equipment will give students a greater experience in practical learning. Students can then have the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they receive in regular classes, and be more independent in their approach to their education.                            

It is known that the best way to learn and retain knowledge is to apply it immediately. When students learn something new only passively (i.e, listening to teacher, reading textbooks e.t.c), only around 25 percent of that information is actually retained. However, when actively learning (i.e; collarborating in groups, practical applications and activities, etc), there is a significant increase in how much information they retain; around 70 percent. Hands-on learning also helps to increase the analytical, problem solving and logical thinking skills; all critical in the development and practicality of functional individuals in society.  

This project is underway thanks to the generosity of the Commonwealth Government and the determination of all our Barakah Investors to make positive contributions to their community. Without the collaboration of necessary funding, support and investment, the development of the TEAMS building would not be possible.  

We look forward to the completion of this venture, and hope to see it in action with our students utilising this facility for new endeavours and discovery in their learning.  

Below are two floor and an equipments plan.


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