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Barakah Iftaar 2017

10 June 2017

Barakah Properties Investors Iftaar 2017

We would like to send our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all our investors and potential investors that attended the Barakah Properties Iftaar held on the 10th of June at Al Siraat College. The Barakah Properties Team believe that these platforms serve to maintain and strengthen our relationship with our investors and give us an opportunity to showcase our developments.

We’re thrilled to announce that the event was a resounding success with over 200 people attending, taking part in the tour of our latest infrastructure project; the TEAMS building, and in sharing in prayer and the Iftar dinner together.

Mr. Houghton and Mr. Fazeel facilitated a walk through and briefing of the TEAMS building for investors, explaining the purpose of each room and the opportunities offered to students. Click here for more information on the TEAMS building

In keeping with the Sunnah and in the true essence of Ramadhan our community were united at this event as we listened to tilawah of the Quran together, enjoyed some scrumptious hot dinner together, prayed salah and made dua together and reconfirmed why it’s so necessary to invest in infrastructure for the betterment of our Ummah.

JazakumAllah khayr to all our current and potential investors for their ongoing support and contributions and jazakumAllah khayr to all the staff involved in making this event a resounding success.