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Barakah Properties article published in Australasian Muslim Times Newspaper

5 April 2017

We are proud to say that an article on Al Siraat College and Barakah Properties was published in the April edition of the Australasian Muslim times Newspaper (AMUST).

The AMUST is an Australia wide, professionally produced media network for presenting news from an Islamic perspective, while serving the needs of the fast growing Muslim communities whose first language now is English.

This published article outlines the importance of being able to raise our children in an Islamic environment with quality facilities. It directs the readers to look at the example of Barakah Properties, which is necessary for the sustainability and infrastructural foundations of Al Siraat College, and encouraged others to also financially support their own communities in the building of Islamic Infrastructure for the spiritual and educational benefit of their communities and Ummah.

If you would like to read the full article, please refer to the link provided or the related publication below.

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  • Fazeel Arain

    College Director Email Fazeel

    BBus (Accounting), MComm (Info Systems) CPA

    Fazeel comes from a commercial background that has seen him work in a multitude of roles across the accounting, technology and educational sectors. His valuable experience in these roles combined with a strong interest in ensuring that the Islamic Community makes a positive contribution to Australia has seen him initiate a large scale project to develop educational centres and facilities for the Islamic community.

    Fazeel is a co-founder of Al Siraat College and has played a key role in developing the business model to establish and grow the College. He has a passion for innovation, creativity, and driving change. Fazeel has guided the direction of Al Siraat College since its inception, overseeing the expansion of its campus and its administrative growth. Prior to establishing Al Siraat, Fazeel worked as a senior consultant in implementing Oracle Applications and other business solutions for large organisations, government bodies and educational institutions.

    Fazeel recognises that the journey of Al Siraat has just commenced and is looking forward to working with the College community to further develop the College into an institution that fulfils its strategic objectives.

    Fazeel Arain