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School Prayer hall (Musalaah) Rennovation

15 April 2017

We are quickly running out of prayer space for our growing school community.

As many of you would have noticed, we have commenced renovation works to the school prayer hall (Musalaah), The extension is in its final stage as Wudhu and toilet areas are getting ready.

We would also like to extend our special thanks to the brother who took his time and resources, both financially and physically, to professionally paint the Musalaah as a gift to his community. May Allah (SWT) reward him generously and graciously for his contributions, which he insisted on remaining anonymous for.

Thanks to your generosity and support prayers have started taking place in our newly renovated musalaah and the students are extremely appreciative of the new space. .


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School prayer hall-Musalaah-Renovation update

With the much needed musalaah renovation and repair almost complete, we would like to share what it looks like so far.