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TEAMS Building Virtual Webinar Walkthrough

16 November 2017
TEAMS Building Virtual Webinar Walkthrough

On November 16th Br. Fazeel presented the first ever virtual walk through of the newly established Al Siraat College TEAMS Building. This was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the tangible positive contributions that the investments of our investors and school community are going towards. It also gave viewers a chance to see their children in the teaching and learning environment, and visualise the positive effects that this new infrastructure has provided the community.

Br. Fazeel walked through each of the various facilities now offered to enhance the learning experience of Al Siraat College students. Some of these facilities include a comprehensive textiles and robotics room with 3D printing facilities and laser cutting, with fully equipped textiles and food technology rooms. A functional science lab and open plan study spaces are now available in the state of the art TEAMS Building.

We welcome all our investors and parents to view the walk through video via link below and we pray you all have a safe and prosperous new year.

TEAMS Building live recorded event: Live Webinar –


Barakah Properties Team