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Purchase of 65 Harvest Home Road

Updated September 2015

Barakah Properties has purchased 65 Harvest Home Road (directly adjacent to the current site) for $2.8 million. This land purchase will provide an additional 5 acres allowing more functional facilities to be planned and built.

The Masjid is planned to be built on this site

With the settlement of 65 Harvest Home Road on the 31st July 2015, the planning for the masjid is expected to start in early 2016. A generous area of 60 metres by 30 metres has been allocated for the masjid building. The masjid is planned to be a double story building, providing facilities for both men and ladies. The construction of the masjid will be a major milestone for Barakah and a further realisation of our mission to build for the benefit of the ummah.

The Barakah journey is transpiring into a great story – and in quietly working away I would be the first to admit that we do not share this story as much as we should. As a Barakah shareholder, you make a difference to the lives of many people on a daily basis. Whether it is the students that come to school, the staff or the many people that come to the Musalaah for their salaah, they are deeply indebted to you investors for enabling a vibrant community that has become a part of their daily life.

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