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Updated April 2016

Sooner or later, all Muslim parents are confronted with a difficult decision regarding the kind of Islamic education they want to provide for their children. They have the following options to choose from: public school, home schooling, weekend schools and full-time Islamic schools.

The growing number of Islamic schools across the country shows that more and more parents choose to send their children to a full-time Islamic school many of which have waiting lists. Some parents, however, are hesitant to send their children to an Islamic school because they fear that their child’s academic achievement might be compromised. This is not the case at Al Siraat College. Rather our Islamic programs are designed to teach the necessary skills and values for learning to occur at a high level.

While Al Siraat College respects and supports the decision of every parent who chooses the level of Islamic education that is appropriate for their child, we encourage you to consider the following advantages of an education at an Islamic school:

  • Your child will learn in an Islamic environment which is in sync with the religious and moral system at your home.
  • Your child’s Islamic identity and self-esteem will grow.
  • Friends and community built in the school will last for a lifetime.
  • An education at an Islamic school helps ensure Islamic continuity, preserving Muslim heritage and values for the next generations to come.

The following is a testimony from one parent:

“I completed my studies through the public school system and was academically very successful, alhamdulillah. But I had always to manage to live in two different worlds with very different value systems. Very often I felt forced to live a split personality and couldn’t focus on my studies because I was busy thinking how I would explain something what was happening in the school at home and vice versa. Since I now have my own family, I was worried how I could spare my kids of the same experience. Finding an Islamic college was the answer for my prayers. My kids maintain a very high educational success level and are at the same time in an environment which allows them to flourish, Alhamdulillah.”

Semester 2 Hifz Awards Program

Alhamdolillah, 18 students received mid year awards for their Hifz performance and exemplary behaviour on Tuesday 9th of June, 2015. Maulana Waseem presented the awards to the students and stressed the need for students to stay motivated and focussed when reading and memorising the Holy Quran.

Top Hifz Performance
1. Hamdi Ruweyda Yusuf
2. Abubakar Hassan
3. Omer Mohammed
4. Dawud Ali Alam

Hifz Improvement Award
1. Anam Miriam Ansari
2. Jabir Abdirizak Farah
3. I brahim Usman
4. A bdullahi Mohamed
5. Hassan Tiba
6. Rihlah Mohamed
7. Jabir Abdirazak Isak

Exemplary Behaviour Award
1. Nuseyba Mohamed
2. Hamdan Mohammed Yousuf
3. Abdul Saleem Mohammed
4. Mariam Siddiqui

Most Improved Behaviour Award
1. Abdulrahman Ibrahim
2. Mohsin Khan
3. Abdulrahman Taleb

Those who recite the Book of Allah, and establish Salaat and spread out of that which Allah has bestowed on them, secretly or openly, they look forward to a bargain that can never fail. (Al Quran 35:29)

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